Who can benefit?

All can benefit from Alexander Technique lessons whatever age or physical ability. There are many reasons why people choose to have lessons:

  • To help relieve pain and stiffness e.g. back pain, tension headaches, repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • Improve freedom of movement
  • Undo poor posture habits;
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve breathing
  • To improve presentation skills at work ( AT prepares people for public speaking or changing roles (cpd courses for businesses)
  • To improve performance (musicians, actors, sportspeople)
  • To be better able to cope with stress
  • To develop a greater sense of wellbeing

A person with chronic lower back pain may have unconsciously developed habits of tension and posture that are the cause of their pain.  Alexander Technique lessons will help the person to be aware of these habits and how to change them for a more relaxed posture and way of moving that reduces or sometimes eliminates their pain.

 A young musician for example, may practice for many hours a week and without being mindful of how they are using themselves during this process, can cause themselves pain and the inability to play in future years. Learning the Alexander Technique helps them to stop unnecessary muscular tension that  causes injury.

On the other hand, office workers can learn how to sit with good poise at a computer while not tensing the neck or slumping forward and without excessive tension in the hands, arms and legs.

As you recover from joint replacement or muscle injury, Alexander Technique lessons help to ensure that you remain balanced and coordinated as the damaged tissue repairs, helping you to be mindful and to avoid compensating by developing excessive muscle tension in other parts of the body during this time.

Horse riders can experience greater comfort in the saddle and better responsiveness from their horse following Alexander Technique lessons.

A pregnant woman can learn how to adjust to a changing shape  while staying free of unnecessary muscle tension. A young mother can learn how to lift and hold their young children without causing excess strain on her spine and hips.