Private lessons: are one to one. You are taught how to inhibit harmful muscular tension habits while experiencing through the guidance of the teacher, new patterns of movement, which require less effort. The high level of individual attention allows lessons to be tailored to your needs and pace of learning.


Over a period of lessons and repeat experiences, you will become more aware of harmful tension habits and be able to prevent these arising and to consciously direct your energy to a lighter, more free way of moving.

 Once learnt, the benefits of the Alexander Technique stay with you for life. 

Lessons last a minimum of 45 minutes (minimum teaching time) but are usually 1 hour in total.




 Group lessons, workshops and taster sessions: are useful as an introduction to the Technique. They can still provide significant benefits, to aid wellbeing in daily activities.

Details of Group sessions available will be posted on my Blog page.

If you have an interest in learning more, please contact me and I will be happy to advise.


 Alexander Technique for the Workplace

Workplace sessions may also be arranged to provide Alexander Technique lessons for groups and individuals.  These courses will:

  •  Enhance wellbeing in the workplace
  • Aid self-development as part of a workplace CPD programme


Contact me for further details.