About Me


I am an experienced, STAT qualified Alexander Technique teacher who has a private practice in Edinburgh and regularly teach at the Edinburgh Alexander Training School (EATS) in Portobello http://www.edinburghalexandertraining.com currently the only Alexander Technique teacher training school in Scotland.

I trained at the Manchester Alexander Technique Training School (MATTS) where I subsequently became an assistant teacher, as well as teaching privately.  I moved to Edinburgh with my husband in 2011.

I am member of STAT  and I have a current PVG, Disclosure Scotland certificate.

I have a B.Sc. Hons. in Medical Cell Biology and Biochemistry, a Ph.D and a PGCE for Science teaching.

My research career in Medical Cell Biology and subsequent career as a Secondary School Biology teacher have informed my understanding and continuing professional development (CPD) of the Alexander Technique .

 Courses attended in recent years:

Experiencing the Embodied Mind: High performance psychophysical expertise, subjectivity research, and brain-computer technology”, 7-12 October 2013, Gargonza, Italy

This inter-disciplinary meeting was attended by scientists, philosophers, robotic engineers and Alexander Technique teachers from around the world to explore common ideas on human body/mind unity and function and to discuss ways in which the Alexander Technique may be further investigated scientifically.

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Web linkAlexanderscience.org


Joan and Alex Murray’s Teacher refresher course, Urbana, Illinois, USA.  5 day course June 2014 and also June 2015.

Joan and Alex Murray have a lifetime of experience in teaching the Alexander Technique and are well known for integrating within their teaching their understanding of developmental movements first described by Professor of Anatomy, Raymond Dart in his book ‘Skill and Poise’.


 Ease on Skis  Workshop,    Hasliberg, Switzerland.    February 2015

A 5 day workshop with Eric Bendix (Alexander Technique Teacher), applying the Alexander Technique to learning to ski.

Regular monthly meetings for discussion and work share. January  2016- ongoing

I co-host  meetings for AT teachers within Edinburgh area on a bi-monthly basis.

Walking the Lines     5-7 May 2017.  Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Efficiency and a model of Gait with James Earls.   Body Control Pilates Centre,  London

3 day workshop exploring walking as a model for efficient and integrated movement

Adapting Alexander Technique for People living with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners      Saturday 3 February 2018.   St John’s Wood Church, London

Workshop focusing on how AT can address the particular needs of people living with Parkinson’s and also their care partners.

Run by Glenna Batson and Monika Gross. Part of The Poise Project.

Running Workshop with Malcolm Balk   7 May 2018.  Portobello Edinburgh

Half day workshop for AT teachers to analyse and improve their running technique